Program Highlight


January 28th, 2014


1.8% of Indonesia’s population, or equal to 4,5 Millions, are street children. Even on the country regulation has been ruled about the child’s rights and protections, the reality on ground is far from the ideality. Based on daily experience and little survey in the community, the public perception about street child mostly results  on negative feedback.

Having that situation in Indonesia, Transmuda Energy Nusantara (TEN)  is eager to do a grassroot movement that Classic Cashmere Scarf aim s in improving street child life quality and believes it will change the public perception on street child onto positive one. Having that motivation, TEN applied to join Street Child World Cup (SCWC) and finally got a chance to participate and  join the global campaign of street child.

The Street Child World Cup is a global movement for street children to receive the protection and opportunities that all children are entitled to. Ahead of each FIFA World Cup, we unite street children from across five continents to play football and join us in a unique international conference.Together through football, art and campaigning we aim to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children around the world. On March 27th, 2014 our 10-day tournament and conference will kick off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can join us on the Road to Rio by signing up to our supporters club now.

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